Thanks to all who turned out for the CD release party!

Over the course of this past year, we had the opportunity to play at the Florida Folk Festival, the Will McLean Festival, and the Gamble Rogers Festival, not to mention the Sarasota Folk Festival right in our own hometown. We’ve gotten to play the big stages and the small ones– from the St. Augustine Amphitheater at Gamblefest to the unplugged Seminole stage at the Florida Folk Festival. Every one of them has been a joy, but nothing compares to the thrill of seeing the way Fogartyville filled up with friends and supporters last Saturday night.

We don’t know exactly how many people there were, but estimates ranged from 200 to 300. Our friend and caterer, Richard Lewis, sold out his supply of burritos fairly early on (they were truly delicious), and by the end of the evening they had sold out the beer supply at the bar.

The day started painfully early, with a 9:00am appearance on the Florida Folk SHow at WMNF in Tampa. The evening started at 6:00pm with a reception for our Kickstarter supporters (who also ended up with the dubious honor of getting to watch our sound check). People really started arriving for the party around 8:00. By 8:45, the tables inside were full and the crowd had spilled out into the courtyard (where it was also quite a bit cooler). As we started playing, people just kept coming in.

It’s always a thrill to play to a packed room, but a special thrill to play for such a large crowd of hometown friends and supporters who have come out to help celebrate our new CD. It really made us realize (and deeply grateful for) what an extraordinary community we have here. The energy from that room will keep us going for a long time.

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