We are birds who like shiny things

Score one for the Passerine girlies: The Another Song About a Bird Tour has been outfitted by a local jewelry designer! Amanda Landesberg has launched a new line of beautiful baubles called “Clean & Well Lit,” and I have to say, me likey! Making a departure from her previous design line fyfe friday‘s flashy, costume-style pieces, Amanda’s now focusing on fine silk ribbons and hand-knotted threads dyed in bright jewel tones, strung with beautiful semiprecious tones and recycled vintage trinkets.

For the tour, she’s donated three of her signature ribbon bracelets in royal blue and different semiprecious beads. One for sure looks like amethyst, and another is threaded with pure white stones with these perfectly beveled facets that make it sparkle. The picture doesn’t really do them justice — I tried to get my cockatiel to model one, but she wouldn’t sit still.

What’s even cooler about Clean & Well Lit is that, while the pieces look delicate, they’re actually designed for an active lifestyle — our bracelets are feather-light and hand-washable. Perfect for a bunch of hard-rockin’, beer-sluggin’, sweaty critters like us. Amanda is currently reworking her online store, but if you’re local to Sarasota you can find Clean & Well Lit downtown at Simply Spoiled Boutique  (1471 Main St.). You can also just drop her a line with your inquiries. I’m very excited to deliver these simple and elegant pieces to Tanya and Carmela later today.

More examples of Amanda’s handiwork.

Oh yeah, that’s right … today’s the day of the big launch! Jenny the Ford Forester has been loaded up with a bunch of gear and kitchen supplies, and we’re meeting up at 10:00 a.m. to pack in the rest of our instruments, pantry and luggage. The moment of truth will come when we finally see if Dave’s upright bass can actually fit through the door of the RV.

After we’re all aboard, we leave for Daytona Beach at 2 p.m. The butterflies descended on our stomachs yesterday while we were all, doubtless, running around like that proverbial headless chicken, buying new strings, finishing off our grocery list, typing up daily sheets, tallying up equipment. “I feel like I am on a roller coaster clicking up to the first drop … ” Rob says, and I couldn’t agree more. Hang on to your tailfeathers, birdies — we’re on the move!     — Sara M.


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