3 in 1: Riverhawk, ArtSlam, Noise 3.

This was the biggest weekend ever for us: three sets at important festivals, three cities, one day. Even after we agreed to do it, and with all the cooperation from the organizers, we wondered if we’d bitten off more than we could chew. We started off the weekend on Thursday at Riverhawk Music Festival, which we consider to be one of the very best music festivals in the region.

On the brand new “Cafe Stage” at Riverhawk Music Festival.

Mitch Lind always does an amazing job of bringing in a diverse line-up that includes both high-level musicianship and outstanding showmanship. We especially enjoyed the Steel Wheels, out of Virginia, and Cabinet, out of Pennsylvania. We were a little daunted by the fact that we went on the “Blue Sky” stage right after Cabinet on Friday.

On stage at ArtSlam.

After two sets on Friday, we did another set on Saturday at 12:15, and headed out soon after for Bradenton’s ArtSlam. It was a great event last year, on Bradenton’s old Main Street, but this year it was held at their brand new Riverwalk. It was a little nerve-wracking getting there, since Tanya picked up a nail in her tire on the way. The tire hissed all the way from Tampa to Bradenton, and then Bradenton to Sarasota, but waited until after our set at Noise Ordinance to go flat. We figured there must have been an angel with her finger in the hole all the way.

On stage at Bradenton’s ArtSlam.

There was a great crowd at ArtSlam, but the enthusiasm of the crowd at Noise Ordinance 3 was totally unrivaled. There’s nothing like a home town audience, and this one seemed especially warmed up for us (since many of them had been there at the Cock & Bull all day). Our friends at Sarasota Music Scene— Eddie, Claire, Kat– did an extraordinary job organizing the event this year, managing actually to top the enthusiasm and energy of the first Noise Ordinance party.

At Noise Ordinance 3.

The Noise Ordinance 3 CD is a great compilation of music from the 941 area code, and it was definitely a release worth celebrating. It has something for everybody, showcasing the range of talent and creativity in original music to be found on the local scene. We were sorry not to have been there all day to see the full range of performances, but the evening’s line-up was definitely worth seeing. It included our sister bands: Radio-Free Carmela and the Transmitters, Physical Plant, and Villanova Junction.
It was a great way to end a long day. Exhausted, we decided that (as a matter of policy) we probably will be a little more cautious about booking any more than two gigs in a day in the future. Still, we were happy we didn’t miss out on any of these opportunities to play.

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