Concerts in Your Home/Listening Room Network.

We’re thrilled to have gotten the news that we’ve been accepted as members of “Concerts in Your Home,” a network of artists and house concert “hosts” from all over the world. Our application was reviewed by a committee and we finally got the word that we were approved. We now have a profile page on their web site: Concerts in Your Home. Thanks to Rochelle Morris for writing such a wonderful recommendation (on our profile page), after hosting us at her house concert series up in San Antonio, Florida.

We’re looking forward to doing more house concerts in the future. We know some house concert hosts only feel comfortable hosting a solo or duo act, but we’re hoping to convince more hosts that we can fit any room. We really enjoy playing rooms where we can be completely acoustic (i.e., no PA or amplifiers)– just us, the instruments, the audience. The big festival stages are fun, but there’s something really special about playing in a room where you can interact with the audience, and where we can hear each other without having to rely on stage monitors. It’s the real thing.

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