Nest of String: A preview of our new CD.

We’re excited to announce the imminent release of our brand new CD, entitled “Nest of String.” We started recording back in January, and after some experimentation and false starts, we finally finished recording in June. We finalized the mixing and mastering in mid-July and rushed the files off for production.

The CD consists of 11 songs, and for the first time we’ve recorded some of the songs that have been popular additions to our set lists for live shows.

The list includes Tanya’s sweet rendition of “Tomorrow is a Long Time,” an old Bob Dylan song. Carmela sings “Looking Forward,” a song by Neil Young that was originally recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and “Everybody’s Got One,” a song about remembering lost love written by our friend, Sharla June (of The Mayhaws). We’ve also included our foot-stomping version of Bill Monroe’s “Travelin’ That Lonesome Road” just for giggles.

This time in the studio, we decided that we’d go about the recording process a little differently. The songs were recorded live in the studio by the whole band, playing together, with only the vocal tracks re-worked later. Steve Connelly at Zen Recording Studios is an absolute magician when it comes to getting a sound (and a mix) where you can clearly hear each instrument, each voice, and yet the whole sound is rich, full and coherent. It is definitely a different sound compared with our first CD, but it is perhaps more clearly OUR sound. We’re very excited about the results.

PasserineNOS-backcover0713The cover was designed by Rob Demperio of LumpyPixels, but using original art work by Seattle artist, Lori Vonderhorst. Our friend, Erik, decided to google our proposed title (Nest of String) and found Lori’s art on-line. She makes bird’s nests out of old guitar strings. The front cover is a photograph of one of those nests, and the back cover is a collage that she entitled “The bird’s return,” using lyrics from an old piece of sheet music. She was gracious enough to give permission to use her work for the cover design. (Check out her web page for more of her wonderful work!)

The good news is that the CDs are due to arrive just barely in time for us to leave for our 2013 summer tour. The bad news is that we won’t have a chance to do an official CD release party in our home town until we get back from tour. We will most certainly plan a big party for a date (to be announced) in September!

Note: Our recording project and other expenses have left the Passerine coffers pretty depleted, just as we are about to launch our tour. If you’d like to help us out, please consider donating to our last-minute campaign.

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