The Great Northern Loon Tour, Summer 2014

The Great Northern Loon, state bird of Minnesota (source: Wikipedia).

The Great Northern Loon, state bird of Minnesota (source: Wikipedia).

If you’ve been following our rapidly expanding schedule, you might have noticed that this year’s summer tour is a little bit more ambitious than our past tours.

We’re headed for northern Minnesota, you betcha, where the state bird is the Great Northern Loon. This year, we were inspired geographically by our friends and long-time supporters, Cheryl and Dan. We owe them a house concert, and Cheryl really hoped we could do it in their newly constructed dome house in Minnesota. So we figured, “why not?” We made that our destination and then did our best to book up an itinerary between here and there.

It turns out that there is a lot of our kind of music up there in the far north, dontcha know, and we soon found ourselves with seven dates up in that neck of the woods. It will be a real adventure for us Floridians– beautiful lakes, tall trees, mosquitos, (we’re told) bred on moose blood and big enough to carry off small dogs.

Now that the schedule and itinerary are worked out, we’re up to our ears in the logistical details (where do we sleep, what do we eat, what do we need to carry with us) as well as promotion (making posters, contacting media outlets,etc.) When you’re an indie band, you do all this stuff yourselves, so we all pitch in.

Chef Sara, contemplating the kitchen (from last year's tour).

Chef Sara, in her apron, contemplating the kitchen (from last year’s tour).

The good news is that “Jenny,” our little “world on wheels” allows us to cook for ourselves on the road, and we know that we always have beds. The only question is where to park for the night. The other night at rehearsal, Sara proposed that we designate this the official “gluten free” tour, so we’re collecting recipes and planning out menus that can be prepared in Jenny’s little galley kitchen.

If you happen to know anybody in any of these areas, please let them know we’re heading their way. Especially if they might be willing to let us park overnight in their driveway! This will be our first time in most of these places, so we need all the help we can get in order to get people to come out to our shows.

Please send us a note ( if you’re willing to be part of our “street team” locally– we’ll send you a little promotional kit with posters, etc. Is there a local radio station with a folk show? Give them a call and tell them about us.

In order to raise some gas money for the tour, we’re having a Passerine yard sale and porch concert on Sunday, July 13. (Contact us for details. Here is a link to the Facebook event.)

Sandwich-board design by Rob Demperio!

Sandwich-board design by Rob Demperio!

Our first stop is Atlanta, and we’re thrilled to be back at Steve’s Live Music. We first played at Steve’s in 2012, not too long after he first opened. It was our last stop on the tour in 2013, and has become one of our absolute favorite places to play. Steve has done an extraordinary job of creating a listening room, and fills the place routinely with excellent music–both local and touring acts. It’s a wonderful place and we’re honored to be part of his line-up again.

This year, we’ll be joined by Little Country Giants, a talented husband and wife duo.

Little Country Giants.

Little Country Giants.

One reviewer writes: “Unapologetically Appalachian and unashamed in sadness, the Cooks’ songwriting preserves the poetry of a disappearing rural America,” (David Eduardo of Flagpole Magazine – November, 2006).

From there, we’re headed up to High Cove, just north and east of Asheville. High Cove is an intentional community in the mountains, in between Burnsville, Bakersville and Spruce Pine. This year, we’re planning a show that will include some incredible local musicians from the region. We’re delighted that Rhonda Gouge and Roan Mountain Range have agreed to join us. It will be a fun evening of music and jamming (for those so inclined, likely into the wee hours).

July 25: Steve’s Live Music. With Little County Giants. Sandy Springs, GA.
July 26: High Cove Music Festival. Bakersville, NC.
July 27: Good Stuff. Marshall, NC.
July 28: The Purple Fiddle. with Jenn Grinels. Thomas, WV.
July 29: Acoustic Coffeehouse. Johnson City, TN.
July 31: Kimbro’s Cafe. Franklin, TN.
Aug 1: Arnold’s Bar & Grill, Cincinnati, OH
Aug 2: Rachael’s Café. Bloomington, IN.
Aug 4: Songwriters’ Showcase. Players Pub. Bloomington, IN.
Aug 5: Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, Urbana, IL.
Aug 6: Uncommon Ground (Clark). Chicago, IL.
Aug 7: Acadia Café. With Sister Species. Minneapolis, MN.
Aug 8: Amazing Grace Bakery. Duluth, MN.
Aug 9: Terrapin Station. Nevis, MN.
Aug 10: House Concert, Bear Paw Dome (by invitation).
Aug 11: Sandy Hill Community Center. Spring Lake, MN.
Aug 12: Brewed Awakenings. Grand Rapids, MN.
Aug 13: Anchor Inn Resort. Spring Lake, MN.
Aug 14: Evangeline’s. St. Louis, MO.
Aug 15: Charles & Myrtle’s. Chattanooga, TN.
Aug 16: House Concert. Tallahassee, FL.

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