We Have Lift-Off: Passerine’s European Tour-Funding Campaign Is Live!

Passerine's tour funding campaign

Hey peeps, Sara here! Last month we announced our big plans to tour Germany in August, with details on how you can help us get there. Here’s the promised follow-up: Our tour crowdfunding campaign has launched!

Can I be real for a second, here? Okay: Fundraising isn’t usually an exciting thing for me—or for most people I know. But this time around it feels different, and that’s because of you. Before we even kicked this thing off, you started mailing us checks with “Germany Tour” inked in the memo. You’ve been pulling me aside at shows to ask when we’re finally gonna get this crowdfunding thing going. I’m just bowled over by everyone’s bit-chomping eagerness to give! You. All. Are. Awesome.

I don’t want to keep you waiting a minute longer: This here is the link to Passerine’s campaign on FundRazr!

Here’s more news: Our plane tickets, our tour vehicle, and our flat in Bremen have all been secured! When David sent us the flight itinerary, I got the “so, this is really happening” chills. When Carmela got the band’s last credit card statement, I believe she also got chills. Of a rather, ahem, different sort.

Our primary goal for this campaign is to pay off the debt incurred so far on these critical purchases, so that on July 31, we board our plane “in the black.” We need to get to 50% funding to do that. But we’re big optimists, and we also know our fanbase to be a huge-hearted bunch. That’s why we’re taking this campaign all the way to our full-funding goal of $12,000. After the halfway mark, every donation becomes a meal, a stop at a filling station, or a pillow for a Passerine’s road-weary head.

We want to be sure every contributor knows and really feels how grateful we are for the love and support. To that end, we’ve come up with 22 different contributor gifts and perks, ranging in donation levels from $5 to $500. These include the usual cool swag such as CDs, t-shirts, and posters, but considering the magnitude of this initiative, we want to go above and beyond. So now we’re all a-bustle organizing experiences and events before and after the tour: a kick-off concert, a farewell dinner, music lessons, a homecoming party, a music video shoot … seriously, it looks like the next few months are gonna be full of jamming out with our favorite folks. Ah, yes … this is the life I ordered.

Very soon, SONGS & WHISPERS will release our tour dates and stops. We can’t wait to share them with you! In the meantime, our full-feathered hope is that you’ll check out our tour-funding campaign, and spread the word to your fellow music lovers and future flock members. With your help, Passerine is gonna soar! Visit our campaign page here: Help Passerine Go International

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