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  • “The melodic, almost haunting sounds of contemporary bluegrass/folk band Passerine could easily be the theme music for a biopic of Sarasota. Its blossoming arts scene, the modern bluesy tunes that creep down narrow roads and out of cafes mix well with the weeping moss on the trees and the free running miles of beach, sand and water. It’s the purity of an untainted oasis that makes the city so special and Passerine offers the same organic passion in its music.” — Linda Day – SRQ Daily, 6/14/13. Read the full article here.
  • “As standard and strong harmonies sweep behind the stories … a fiddle saws its reassurance [over] a plinking upright bass. The full-bodied sweep of an acoustic guitar brushes above the omnipresent sighs of an expertly played dobro. But the band’s songs about the sweetest sights and biggest dreams, and the casual confidence with which they deliver them, offer the basic balm of folk music at its best: a song that speaks to your own worries and sings a way back out of them.” — Grayson Currin, Music Editor – Independent Weekly, 8/1/12
  • Read Ed Midler’s review of Passerine’s CD, on-line at Sarasota Music Scene.

Ed writes:  “A masterfully produced and written album, with breath taking performances in both vocals and instrumentation, a must listen collection of 10 all original tracks. ”

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