With inventive vocal harmonies and song-writing, Passerine offers a genre-bending take on traditional folk and bluegrass, as well as a repertoire of original songs that range from sweet ballads to the edgier side of contemporary Americana.


“Passerine’s songs can effortlessly transition from knee-slappin’ bluegrass to soulful ballads, all held together by descriptive storytelling and the instrumental cohesion of a band that’s been playing together their whole lives.”

–Alex Robinson, in Edible Sarasota (Jan 2024)

What's in a name?

People often ask us where we got our name.  “Passerine” (pronounced “passer-een”) is the common name for the order of birds capable of perching– members of the order of Passeriformes.  60% of all birds are passerines, which the scientists tell us suggests the great success of this evolutionary development among bird species.   

The order of passerines includes not only songbirds known for the sweetness of their songs but the raven, a bird known in myth as the companion of deities, as a courier who inspires laughter and reveals truth, and as a trickster whose appetite for life brings wisdom, healing and great acts of creativity.  We named our band in honor of our aspiration to make sweet music but also to be like the ravens of myth– harbingers of wisdom and healing.

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