Booking Information

As you will see from our calendar, we routinely play a wide range of venues and events, from intimate house concerts to major festival stages.  If you are interested in booking us, please fill out the form below and give us some of the specifics of your proposed date.  We’ll respond as quickly as we can to let you know our availability and will quote a fee.

Or you can always contact us directly:  booking [at]

Please note that the fee (or guarantee) depends not only on how long we play, but the following considerations:

  • Public or private venue.
  • Whether any sound reinforcement is required.
  • Who provides the sound equipment.
  • Whether we provide sound reinforcement and lights.
  • The type of event (e.g., festival, listening room, house concert, private party, wedding).
  • Any special requests and circumstances.

Have you ever considered hosting a house concert?

HERE is a brief guide to being a house concert host.

Booking Form

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