“Welcome Home”: A preview of our new album.

Our 4th album, “Shiny Things,” is finally complete!   

This is one of our favorite songs on the album, written by David and Carmela to honor two people we lost to cancer in 2020:  our dear friend, Thomas Michael Jackson, and David’s younger sister, Elizabeth (Lisa) Devin Pease.   The song title and refrain were inspired by something Michael would always say when we went to visit him: “Welcome home!”   Lisa had always been the heart of the family.  With the family gathered around her, she faced her own death with extraordinary courage and grace– thanks to an inspiring and profound faith.  In our sadness, we wanted to celebrate what they meant to us, the optimism and hope that their memory inspires in us.   

“Welcome Home” is one of 11 songs on the finished album, currently in production.  If you would like to pre-order the album, we would be thrilled to send it out to you as soon as it arrives.   Just go to the Passerine Shop.

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Welcome Home
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